To improve system performance, safety, sustainability, and reliability by ensuring efficient investments in regional smart transportation projects.


When: Wednesday, January 9th
9:00 AM – Noon
Where: SACOG Board Room
1415 L Street, Suite 300, Sacramento


Smart Region Sacramento Kick-Off Meeting Presentation  Kick-off Meeting  PPT  January 31, 2018
Smart Region Sacramento Project Update Spring 2018 Project Update, within the PDF is a link for you to share with us your primary challenges and how we can help you.  PDF  Spring 2018
ITS Partnership Meeting AVCV Presentation  ITS Partnership Meeting AVCV Presentation  PDF  May 16, 2018
Smart Region Sacramento ConOps Workshop Presentation  Concept of Operations Workshop  PPT  May 31, 2018
ITS Architecture Workshop  ITS Architecture Workshop  PDF  August 29, 2018
Smart Region Sacramento Project Update  Fall 2018 Project Update  PDF  Fall 2018


Objectives + Strategies

1. Address smart transportation strategies for urban, suburban, and rural communities

  1. Identify latest strategies and solutions for rural areas
  2. Active fleet management
  3. Plan and create a communication protocol between partner agencies


2. Prepare for smart region infrastructure adapting to new technology

  1. Create traffic operations center at all agencies
  2. Create lifecycle infrastructure replacement program (urban/suburban/rural)
  3. Define how systems will operate together
  4. Create plan for infrastructure compatibility
  5. Share operational control of ITS field elements/systems
  6. Identify technology pieces of shared mobility plan
  7. Implement ICM along regionally significant arterial corridors


3. Reduce user frustration by providing consistency and reliability

  1. Utilize high resolution data
  2. Improve multi-modal options
  3. Improve multi-modal reliability
  4. Improve public outreach regarding planned lane/road closures
  5. Centralize signal control
  6. Improve traffic signal infrastructure


4. Proactively improve transportation system safety

  1. Create ITS projects to proactively improve safety
  2. Use ITS to prevent secondary collisions


5. Improve traveler information and dissemination to public and within region

  1. Integrate third party data
  2. Consolidate public information systems
  3. Implement integrated parking management strategies


6. Disaster preparedness

   BINU ABRAHAM | ITS Program Manager

Sacramento Area Council of Governments
1415 L Street, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95814916-340-6242

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ITS Program Manager

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Binu Abraham

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